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September 29, 2019
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Google integrates Apple Siri in Google Maps

Google integrates Apple Siri

Google Maps now comes with Apple Siri

Right before Apple is about to roll out its iOS 13 for iPhone, Google has updated its map with Siri. Now users can navigate home or anywhere else using Siri if the user has Google Map installed on iPhone.

In WWDC 2019 conference Apple had already announced about this much-awaited feature but it was only shown in Google Waze App. Now it has reached Google Map. This feature can also be accessed from CarPlay.

User need to tell “Hey Siri” get me direction to home using Google Map and the app will show the navigation. Similarly, the command can be given to the Waze App too. User can download the Waze App and Google Maps from App Store free of cost.

Google integrated Apple Siri in google maps

Apple upgraded its own Apple Maps this time with iOS 13. It is possible to explore cities in 3D experience with 360 degrees. The map also shows parks, buildings, beaches and more.

Siri has also been improved with iOS 13. It can read incoming messages out if you are wearing Airpods and make more productive with Siri Shortcuts.

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